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Wild Spirit Naturally was founded in 2014 by Holistic Facialist Becky. Becky works with Organic Skincare to combine the art of ancient rituals with modern skin care. Preforming intuitive facials, supercharged with hand picked raw ingredients and with a strong massage focus, each magical ritual Becky preforms will leave your skin radiant whilst calming your body and mind.

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A Journey to optimun health and a radiant glow

Founder, Becky, oozes passion, care and love for the work she does. Working as a professional beauty therapist for over 11 years, Becky has travelled the world, working at 5 and 6 star Spa Resorts and Retreats, working alongside global brands and learning from some of the worlds best therapists. She has been lucky enough to work alongside experienced Physiotherapists, Naturopaths, Auryvedic Practioners, Reiki Experts, Health Coaches, Holistic Therapists and world renowned Facial Therapists, which have all guided and shaped her and the Treatments she performs today.

In 2010, after feeling as though the mainstream beauty industry was no longer aligning with her conscious way of living and after struggling with her own health issues, Becky decided to dive deep into the world of Green Beauty. She wasn't oblivious to the health concerns linked to conventional cosmetics, but it was only after a lot of research that she learn​'​t the ramifications toxic ingredients played on our wellbeing.

After testing so many AMAZING products that don’t contain the nasty chemicals, she felt no hesitation is switching over her entire life to eco and clean products. Since encompassing in green beauty, Becky has felt compelled to help others confidently make the transition to Eco-beauty.

For the last 8 years, Becky has shared her love and passion for toxic-free, natural and organic living via Wild Spirit Naturally. She has worked meticulously to create and preform her organic rituals, masterclasses and organic skincare products we know today, using only the very best organic, eco and toxic free products.​ ​Combining the art of ancient rituals with modern skin care​, Becky's intuitive facials will leave your skin radiant whilst calming your body and mind.​

B​ecky believes b​eauty is an inside out job​. Beauty is deeper than putting lotions and potions on ​our face and the key to beautiful skin is more than just finding the magic bottle. Our skin is our largest organ, a living thing that works tirelessly to protect us. This incredible organ needs inside out nourishment and care, so alongside Organic and Natural skincare, Becky is dedicated to educating ​her clients on the importance of inner health, with nutritional recommendations​ and daily mindful practises, ensuring a total INSIDE OUT glow.​

Beauty is a journey, and Becky provides her clients with the tools and techniques to incorporate sacred self-care rituals ​at home, resulting in naturally beautiful, healthy ​and thriving ​skin. 

The world of 'green beauty' can be overwhelming and challenging to navigate, with brand green washing and trying to understand ingredients lists. Understanding all of this, Becky has made it her mission to help simplify and empower others to reduce their toxic product exposure and she does this via her social media, blog, Organic Treatments and Natural Beauty Masterclasses.​ 

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My passion for holistic health was realised after I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2009. After gaining weight, dealing with depression, exhaustion, inflamed skin conditions, numerous medical visits and months of using antibiotics and mainstream medicine, I decided enough was enough. I went to my first naturopath who placed me on a full-body cleanse, using food as my medicine. lt was then that I really learned how foods can effect the way my body looked and felt. This increasing awareness of my health pushed me to study massage, holistic beauty and nutrition, where I began actually listening to my body for the first time and giving it what it truly needed. I started eating whole foods, sleeping well, caring for my outer skin organically and began to feel more grounded than I ever had before. I felt a new connection and love for life and myself! 

True beauty comes from within.

I truly love natural makeup and skincare, but there is no amount of product that can make a woman feel the type of confidence and empowerment that looking after her diet, mind, body and soul can.  True, radiant beauty comes from within, and every woman deserves to experience the effects of giving herself this self love and care. It is the most empowering feeling  when you give your body and skin what it really desires.

I have seen first-hand how dramatically non- toxic beauty, organic food and self-love can change a life and I want to share my experience and knowledge with you!

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Becky has a wonderfully intuitive touch and a unique style in her treatments. I love her alternate use of strong and gentle pressure and the way she choreographs her movements perfectly to create a whole body experience. My skin looked glowing and totally fabulous after the facial and I felt completely restored, re-set and centred.

Tanya Hawkes

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