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M.E / CFS is a physical, debilitating illness.

Diagnosed in 2009 at the ripe age of 17, CFS took over my life for the better half of 13 years. CFS is a debilitating illness, and after years and years of navigating this auto-immune disorder, I understand how overwhelming it can be to overcome this illness, especially since everybody’s experience with the illness varies, and there is no one size fits all to fix you.

After overcoming the worst of CFS, I have a clear understanding of the impact that nutrition, lifestyle and mental wellbeing had on improving my symptoms and facilitating in my recovery.

I want to use my over a decade of experience, in combination with Nutritional Science, Ayurvedic Medicine, Meditation, Breathework, and gentle movement, to help release you of this awful illness and live your happiest, most vibrant self. 

Herbal Remedies
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: About
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