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Kids Rainbow Food: The Supplement for Every Child

I am introducing a truly INCREDIBLE brand today Wild Spirits - one that I think every Mumma needs to get their hands on. Meet G&G Vitamins, a brand that truly embodies my belief that happy, healthy kids are a result of happy, healthy tummies and adequate nutrition. I have had the pleasure of testing and trialling some of the g&g vitamins range (more on this to come) and I can wholeheartedly say that this incredible brand knows how to supercharge our health with good quality, organic supplements. G&G are an independently family run business founded in 1965, which have quickly become the leading manufactures of supplements in the UK. They are Specialists in vitamin encapsulation, with no binders or fillers, 100% renewable and vegan energy and 73% of products are certified vegan (Wahoo). Not only do they provide a wealth of evidence and knowledge via their website, they also offer incredible support to each and every customer. I honestly can't speak highly enough of this wonderful brand and I'm so excited to bring you this review.


Kids Rainbow Food

When it comes to kids there is no better way to keep them healthy then with a balanced diet, regular outdoor time, plenty of water and sufficient sleep, but nailing those basics can be difficult with little ones and even if you have nailed it, who doesn't want to add an extra boost to take their health to the next level? That's where rainbow food steps in and beauties, and my little man and I have been loving this stuff like crazy.

Rainbow food at a glance:

✔️Derived from real, wholefoods ✔️Certified organic by the @soilassociation ✔️Certified vegan by @theoriginalvegansociety ✔️Contains no added sugar, artificial preservatives or flavourings ✔️Comes in two handy forms for your convenience; capsules or powder ✔️Boasts a blend of live friendly bacteria

Kid's Rainbow Food is an organic multivitamin blend of whole food ingredients, designed to perfectly supplement a child's diet. Rainbow Food utilises the finest organic powders derived from natural fruits and vegetables that are packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients


Kid's Rainbow Food

£17 for 120 capsules / £22 for 100g drink powder

Kid's Rainbow Food comes in two forms to make it so easy for children to consume. The drinking powder can be easily added to water, juice, or yoghurt. Whilst the capsule is a children's sized supplement capsule, that can be easily swallowed by an older child. Both are certified organic, suitable for vegans and contains no artificial flavourings, sweeteners, colours, gluten, soy or dairy. This makes the nutrient rich supplement suitable for everyone.

The colour (pigmentation) in fruit and vegetables are indicators of antioxidant presence. Different colour groups contain different phytonutrients so ensuring you and your child consume a variety of different colour fruit and vegetables every day is an excellent way to provide the body with a broad spectrum of beneficial nutrients. Kid's Rainbow Food also contains different strains of beneficial bacteria such as Saccharomyces boulardii, a transient (does not colonise) yeast which exerts its effects as it passes through the digestive tract. Often found useful for children.

An beautifully delicious and easy supplement with incredible benefits for you and your children to start incorporating into your healthy life today. Head over to my Instagram (@wildspiritnaturally) to see how I use Kids Rainbow Food in clever ways throughout our day and let me know how you use it by tagging me.


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* This is a sponsored post in partnership with G&G Vitamins, all opinions are always my own. Thank you for understanding that in order for Wild Spirit Naturally to have the resources to continue providing you with the best reviews, we need the support of brands we trust and love.

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