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The Magic of Mushrooms

Chaga, Lion's Mane, Ashwaganda, Reishi, Turkey Tail and Cordyceps.... what is everyone talking about?

Medicinal Mushrooms are the latest health food craze, and with good reason. Medicinal mushrooms offer extreme health benefits, and these ancient medicines have been used for their super powers for thousands of years. Natalia Botanicals has created powerful (and delicious) adaptogen elixirs, and beauties, these are the superfoods you NEED to try.

This truly BEAUTIFUL and unique brand and epic products have quickly become on the top of my DAILY MUST HAVE list. This brand truly embodies my philosophy that glowing skin, happy hormones and vibrant health starts from within. Natalia Botanicals are a line of adaptogenic elixirs inspired by the philosophy of using ancient wisdom, Ayurvedic superherbs and supermushrooms to influence your modern-life experiences.

These Adaptogenic Elixirs can leave you with:

- Improved Energy

- Relieve Anxiety and calm your nervous system

- Strengthens immunity

- Enhances creativity, mental focus and physical stamina

- Balances blood sugar levels

- Reduces stress-induced fatigue

- Faster and more efficient metabolism

- Clear and youthful skin


OUTER BEAUTY // Meet Natalia

Natalia Botanicals adaptogen elixirs and healthy treats were born out of Natalia's own personal gut health struggles and the pressure of working in a high-stress environment. In addition to her deep passion for connecting with nature, exploring plant medicine and sharing her experiences to help others on their own personal health journey ignited her desire to further her knowledge of synergistic healing through nutrition, mind, breath, body and spiritual awareness.

In 2014, Natalia began studying the healing power of adaptogens and plant-based foods with medicinal properties to treat her Ulcerative Colitis and anxiety holistically. These ancient wisdoms have been used for their calming and restorative powers for thousands of years and her passion has become her purpose to continue to spread awareness.


INNER HEALTH // Meet the Elixirs

Gut - Brain

£28.00 *Turkey Tail, *Ashwaganda, *Reishi, *Holy Basil, *Moringa, *Licorice Root

Gut-Brain strengthens immunity, combats anxiety, encourages positive thinking and soothes digestion for optimum health. Each dose added to your favourite beverage lowers cortisol levels and will take the pressure of your digestive system and mind.

Goal Digger


*Cordyceps, *Schisandra Berry, *Ashwaganda, *Lion’s Mane, *Brahmi, *Moringa

Goal Digger enhances creativity, mental focus and physical stamina whilst remaining poised and radiant. Each dose added to your favourite beverage gets your skin glowing and creative juices flowing.

Rise & Shine


*Chaga, *Lion’s Mane, *Ashwaganda, *Moringa, *Schisandra Berry

Rise & Shine promotes a natural energy boost for physical and mental fuel, relieves anxiety and calms your nerves to set you up for the day ahead. Each dose added to your favourite beverage recharges your mind and body to shine.

Full Circle


*Maitake, *Ashwaganda, *Cordyceps, *He Sho Wu, *Moringa, *Schisandra Berry

Full Circle promotes peace of mind, balances thyroid hormones and reduces stress- induced fatigue. Each dose added to your favourite beverage stabilises your blood sugar levels and gives you mind-body equilibrium.

Velvet Cacao


*Reishi, *Raw Cacao, *Ashwaganda, *Chaga, *Ceylon Cinnamon

Velvet Cacao provides a boost of iron, supports immunity, balances blood sugar levels and releases endorphins, whilst enhancing beauty and clarity. Each dose added to your favourite beverage lifts your mood and encourages a radiant complexion.

Sleepy Soul


*Reishi, *Ashwaganda, *He Sho Wu, *Moringa, *Schisandra Berry

Sleepy Soul encourages stress-free, deep sleep to promote the renewal and rejuvenation of tissues and nerve cells for optimal relaxation. Each dose added to your favourite non-caffeinated beverage will calm your mind, body and soul.

Eternal Optimist


*Holy Basil, *Ashwaganda, *Schisandra Berry, *Reishi, *Lion’s Mane

Eternal Optimist promotes positivity, natural energy and illuminating bliss, whilst keeping emotional and physical stress at bay. Each dose added to your favourite beverage fills your heart with euphoric liquid Savasana.


RECIPE // Becky's Cup of Velvet Cacao Recipe


1 tsp Natalia Botanicals Velvet Cacao

1 tsp Raw Cacao Powder

1 Tbs MCT Oil (or coconut oil)

1 Tbs Maple Syrup

1 Cup Hot Water


Simple blend all ingredients together in blender until frothy. Poor into your favourite mug and sip slowly, mindfully and gratefully.


Shop all the Natalia Botanical Products here


* This is a sponsored post in partnership with Natalia Botanicals, all opinions are always my own. Thank you for understanding that in order for Wild Spirit Naturally to have the resources to continue providing you with the best reviews, we need the support of brands we trust and love.


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